Sayres Approach

The key to a successful business is leadership, management and good people.

We are committed to developing, mentoring and promoting our people. This ensures that our leaders share common values and create a motivated work environment focused on meeting our customers’ needs. Solid leadership means we instill trust in the workplace, promote teamwork, and communicate effectively. Good Management responds to leadership and establishes sound processes to enable our workforce to get the job done. Good People is what it’s all about. These key ingredients will result in a growing enterprise which will create job security, advancement opportunities, and challenging career options all requiring the development of future leaders and managers.

Every person who joins the Sayres team starts their career to support a customer. Our corporate leadership and management ensure our Program Management teams have sufficient and effective resources to provide responsive and quality services to their customers. Our Program Management teams develop and mentor our employees and challenge them daily to ensure high customer satisfaction results.

We carefully select people who share our values and passion for building a great team. We start every new employee with a comprehensive orientation building a common foundation. Our Leadership, Management, Program Management philosophy, and our people distinguish us from our competition. We work hard to achieve a customer base that does business with us because they trust us and we provide responsive and quality service meeting their needs. We strongly believe that people do business with people they like and trust!

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